Fram and Dunt

Fram and Dunt tells an unlikely story through hair hanging and incredible aerial acts.

Dunt, aka dad, aka Joe Hyde, is a 60 year old man who, until now, has been working in I.T. as a security consultant.

One year ago Fram, aka his daughter, aka hair hang artist Francesca Hyde, asked him to run away with her to the circus. Her secret mission: to get him to quit his job and bring him to the stage that he has always dreamed of. To her surprise he said yes. 

But life as an artist is a lot less glamorous than that of an I.T. security consultant: the pay is low, the work is much more physical, the life is unstable and the tempting glow of the computer screen is hard to ignore.


Supported by Arts Council England and LabTime from The National Centre for Cicrus Arts

Performed by Francesca Hyde and Joe Hyde

Directed by Ellie Dubois

Sound Design by Peter Lannon

Produced by Nicola Lawton

Lighting, projection and design by Bex Anson and Dav Bernard