Bird Bones

  • ‘If I jump, will you catch me?’


    ‘What about if I fall?’

    ‘You won’t fall’

    ‘What about if I go to jump, and slip, and fall?’

    ‘I won’t be able to catch you.’

    ‘Will I die?’

    ‘Yes. Everyone dies.’

    Created with two young people from Easterhouse – Lennon, 11 and Olivia, 9 – Bird Bones is a physical exploration of our relationships to fear and death, and how they change as we get older. It investigates the moments in life when you feel indestructible, and the moments when you feel anything but. It interrogates how we view children and risk in contemporary adult culture, examining our protective instincts, and asking: what are we so afraid of? If dying really is such ‘an awfully big adventure’, why are we so scared of it?

  • Co- Created by Peter Lannon and Ellie Dubois


    Directed by Ellie Dubois and Laura Bradshaw


    Performed by Peter Lannon, Olivia Cross and Lennon Campbell


    Designed by Lisa Sangster


    Sound Design by Kim Moore


    Dramaturgy by Matt Addicott


    Produced by Michael John O’Neill


    Production Managing by Avalon Hernandez


    The development of Bird Bones has been supported by Creative Scotlands Open Fund, Platform’s Home Made fund, and the National Centre for Circus Arts’ Lab:Time fund.